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        HP60-25 Cement Foaming Machine


        HP60-25 Cement Foaming Machine

          HP60-25 foaming machine consists of the pumping system, foam system, mixing system, rack, electrical control cabinet.
          (1) The pumping system consists of a squeeze pump. With no mechanical seal, self-priming ability, self-cleaning and other characteristics, the structure is simple and easy to maintain. Unique No mechanical seal structure, as to avoid the mechanical seal pump all the leakage; A smooth hose cavity allows it to pump a containing impurities fluid, various fibrous objects, and solid particles with a particle diameter less than 1/4 diameter without any clogging or malfunction. When the pump is idling, the shaft seal, bearing or stator does not malfunction. Due to the special principle of the pump, you can also pump all kinds of gas-containing materials, without cavitation; The pumped fluid is only in contact with the hose, so the pump can transport all the corrosion or abrasive media which rubber can withstand. The pump can also run in reverse, less power consumption, total pump efficiency of 75%, high volumetric efficiency, total volumetric efficiency of 98%. Its structure is fully sealed, the pump shell filled with lubricating coolant to extend the service life of the hose, the hose performance is basic reached the advanced level of similar foreign products.
          (2) Foaming system using standard modular structure, by the variable frequency motor, air compressor, water pump, foaming agent gear pump, foam generator assembly and other components.
          (3) Mixing system consists of the mixing motor, mixing cylinder, stirrer, transmission system, lubrication system and other components.
          (4) Electrical control system consists of frequency converter, AC contactor, air switch, intermediate relay and other components.

        Technical parameters
        Model HP60-25
        Supply power 380V 50Hz
        Motor power 12kw
        Production volume 15m3/h
        Delivery pressure 1MPa
        Output 30L/min
        Horizontal conveying distance 300m
        Vertical conveying distance 80m
        Pipe diameter 38mm
        Net weight 245kg
        Dimension(L × W × H) 1700mm×1600mm×1200mm

        Note: as the product is updated, the technical parameters are not otherwise communicated.

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